SHADOWentity Official Release EP

by BenderShade (SoulEntity)



This is the pre-release demo containing a number of tracks of such profound, cosmic dopeness as to be majestic. Please support SoulEntity by picking up this high-quality album. Support LOVE.


released August 20, 2013

SoulEntity (Producer/ Lyricist)
1Love1Light (lyricist)
Deadstringer (string/piano contribution)
Minor2Go (piano contribution)
Mr. Funktastic (piano/strings contribution)



all rights reserved


BenderShade (SoulEntity) San Francisco, California

My music is more than just music to me. Hopefully you will know what I mean when you hear it.

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Track Name: THE SCENARIO (in it deep edit) - SoulEntity
"Check it out, yo. Check the scenario. What you put out is what ya get, it's gettin' scary tho. They don't care, but hey homie, there ya go. It's only fear, and here's the thing that they don't know.... They feel the fear, but the translation that appears, it's not the fear itself, it's just manifested here. Only a vibration, a message which our minds decode. We feel emotions, but fear just isn't one of those."

"Don't blame the media, don't you go and blame me. It's up to you what you create, and fears a falsity. But you can face it, one of your abilities. And you will suffer till you take responsibility.... For EVERYTHING that you create, every single thing. Everything you hate, all that you perceive. If you don't you'll simply stay within the frequency that resonates to the blame and you will never see... That you can never be what you do not perceive, and you'll perceive the vibration you are presently."

"It's like memories, livin' in them? Sucka, please... I'm in the Now, that's how I don't live on my knees. You wonder how... but I'm like, 'wow, o-m-g. I fuckin' just told you how, how is it that you don't see?
I'll tell ya' how... Lack of focus n' belief. Lack of will to free yourself from your ego's reach. It's a prison, a prison which your mind creates, but if you listen you will clear your vision, resonate, to high-vibration, energetic state-of-being, an see the truth you always knew, cuz it's everything."


"I'm in it DEEP. Ain't dreamin' like a fuckin' sheep. A giant leap for Mankind, I'm a ShadowPeep. My heart is STRONG, a lot of you are ATROFEED.
My heart BELONGS to those who match my frequency. I go along, and as I go I seem to be allowing something wrong, not for long, it's all on me."