The Energy Syndicate (Early Release Promo)

by BenderShade (SoulEntity)

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sOuleNtiTy - Music For The Evolution Of The Human Soul.

This album is an early-release promo. It features a number of amazing tracks for your energetic enjoyment! The full album will be released in January 2013. Take advantage of this promotional showcase, as it is a very affordable, very worthwhile endeavor! Namaste.


released November 5, 2012

Producer: B. Sandler
Artist: sOuleNtiTy
Contributing artists: Lady Shade, Psychotropic Circle, Soligen, FutureAnalysis, and more to come!



all rights reserved


BenderShade (SoulEntity) San Francisco, California

My music is more than just music to me. Hopefully you will know what I mean when you hear it.

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Track Name: sOuleNtiTy (feat. MightyBender of ShadowPeople) - Spirit Molecule
Verse 1 - "Yo, check it out, without a doubt, I'm really gonna rip this shit. Don't wanna know where I'm gonna go, the unknown's where I wanna get, yeah.
DMT lay back in my seat then take another fat hit. Hold it in as long as I can and then blast off on a trip.
Cosmic power, feels like hours, but it's just a little bit. Geometrics, brain is effected, dimensions intermix.
And, hexagonal pattern models materialize in my vision. Voices speaking truths I'm seeking, heart beats like a piston.
Oops, I missed some, take another hit then cross over to the void. Mathematics, spectral graphics, magical crystalloid.
Dimethyltriptamine, is effecting me in universal ways. Massive Truthful Knowledge Useful, pouring in to my brain."

Intro Hook: "Di-methyl-triptamine.... D.... M... T..." (times two)
HOOK: "D-d-d-DMT, D-d-dd-DMT, D-d-d-DMT, DIMETHYLTRIPTAMINE." (times two)

Verse 2 - "DMT has freed me of any of my thoughts. Electric sentient energetic maverick astronaut.
The wormhole reaches deeper, farther, inwards, up and through. Purples, greens and red, and pink and vibrant shades of blue.
Flying through galactic masses as I rendezvous with abstract refracted atomic acid dripping residue. Sifting through the glinting vapor, I travel into view of,
glowing knowing droning grains increasing amplitude.
Symmetric intermittent prisms start to glow anew. They blink with rapid fervor as they now re-construe, and drink up all the empty space within the rainbow hue,
and everything I know I've seen I also know is true.
DMT help us to see the things beyond the lies. Illusions have been used to keep the truth of things disguised. Improve our aptitude regarding truth so it can't hide, and secrets we've forgotten will appear before our eyes"

HOOK: "D-d-d-DMT, D-d-dd-DMT, D-d-d-DMT, DIMETHYLTRIPTAMINE." (times two)
Intro Hook: "Di-methyl-triptamine.... D.... M... T..." (times two)